below is a list (in no particular order) of albums that i enjoyed enough to write a short blurb about.

Limited Express (has gone​?​) × DODDODO (ch​-​111)

by DODDODO & Limited Express (has gone?) | 2008 | Noise Rock | Bandcamp

I don't even really know what to say about this album. Very unique sound. Even between different tracks on the album there's completely different vibes, I think you should listen for yourself honestly. Very experimental and whatnot, I really think it would be impossible for me to capture the vibes of this album in a short paragraph. I also don't speak Japanese. Give it a listen

Favourite Track - "exciseise of mouth"

Selected Ambient Works 85-92

by Aphex Twin | 1992 | Electronic | Bandcamp

foundational electronic music album. nothing i can say about it hasn't been said before

Favourite Track - "Foundational electronic music album. There is nothing I can say about it that hasn't been said many times before, by people far more qualified to talk about music. Just simply one of the most consistently amazing albums ever made."

Loss Memory

by Coma Cinema | 2017 | Bedroom Pop | Bandcamp

Fuck, man. Such a good album. It's amazing how it comes together so well. So much feeling and emotion packed into every single song in a way that I've rarely seen anybody replicate. I may be biased because it strikes such a deeply personal chord, but I still strongly suggest you give it a listen and see for yourself. This album has a very very unique sound, and it would be nigh impossible for me to properly convey how this album makes me feel with really any sort of fidelity. Just go listen to it, man.

Favourite Track - "Running Wide Open"


by Alex G | 2012 | Indie Rock | Bandcamp

Beautiful, beautiful, slow, flowing album. Pure atmosphere and wonderful vibes. Perfect cry album. Every song is amazing and the album as a whole has a really beautiful unique feel to it that can really only be experienced for yourself, I could never properly describe it. The sounds are wonderfully unique and put together, from the guitar, to the pan flute, to the deep bass, they all just come together to make something really amazing. I would never claim to be an Alex G superfan or anything, I know some people get crazy about that, but I think this album is such an amazing work of art.

Favourite Track - "Sarah"


by Boards of Canada | 2002 | IDM | Bandcamp

Atmospheric banger. Sounds like sinking into a deep deep ocean. It's hard for me to find the words to talk about this album because it's so unique and foreign to me. Really something that has to be experienced to be understood. Such a beautiful album, really something you could just get lost in.

Favourite Track - "Sunshine Recorder"

Is This It

by The Strokes | 2001 | Indie Rock

Simply put, one of the greatest albums ever made by one of the greatest bands ever. Perhaps even the best indie rock debut album of all time. There is nothing I could possibly say about this album that hasn't been said over and over again by every music reviewer out there, so an any actual analysis is left as an exercise for the reader. Peak music.

Favourite Track - "Hard To explain"

The New Abnormal

by The Strokes | 2020 | Indie Rock

The New Abnormal is certainly a masterpiece. The Strokes aren't popular for no reason. So far ahead of any other indie band that it's honestly astounding, every single thing they've released is top notch and filled with clean, beautiful sounds. This album might not be my favourite, but it still has some of my favourite songs of all time. From a strong opener to a strong finisher, an overall amazingly put together piece of art. Took me a long time to pick a favourite song, because I really think they're all amazing. An album that's really best listened on a car stereo with the windows down. (Oh, another break).

Favourite Track - "Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus"


by KNOWER | 2023 | Jazz | Bandcamp

Hard hitting funk jazz album with a very unique electric sound. Mechanically very impressive, with great solos on a shockingly wide range of instruments. Amazing drums, and a wonderful and experimental mix of sounds. Not something I listen to every day, but this album truly blew me away. Very unique sound, and wonderful vocals to top it off.

Favourite Track - "I'm The President" and "The Abyss"


by Lemon Demon | 2006 | Rock | Bandcamp

a peppy and bright album that was one of Lemon Demon's first releases! (And neil's first full length album if im not mistaken.) All of the songs have a very certain unique quirky feel to them that's very hard to describe. all the tracks have their own silly concepts and sounds, from the album's namesake tracks about a band of dinosaurs trying to make it before they go extinct, to a song about ocean real-estate, to a gentle track about everything turning out ok, to the track that cemented lemon demon as an icon of the 2000s, "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny." Lemon Demon's tracks are littered with wordplay, and different tracks have such wildly different emotions that its hard to really describe the album as a whole. It's embarassing how many tears i've shed over "Fine" or "The Too Much Song." overall a beautiful album, and one of my personal favourites.

Favourite Track - "Fine"


by TÆL | 2023 | Bassviolence | Bandcamp

a wonderfully produced norwegian bassviolence record. the vocals are gripping and the drums are intense and overwhelming. some of the sounds produced are wonderfully unfamiliar to me. the sound is very dynamic and it shifts quickly between being slower and heavier, and being quick and relentless. beautiful music and beautiful cover art.

Favourite Track - "På spidd"


by Girlfriends | 2009 | Math Rock | Bandcamp

Girlfriends is a beautiful math rock record. it is an absolutely lovely album with careful and well put together sounds. the vocals are used in a unique way, with little in terms of lyrics but still maintaining powerful meanings. a perfect album with beautiful sounds.

Favourite Track - "Bernie Mac Attack"