hi! hello! welcome to my (matty's) website! i hope you're doing well! This is my silly little corner of the internet! this website is handmade and built from the ground up (more info below) :3 i hope you enjoy! if you're here from a webring, the navigation is down below. (pages labelled with a "~" will NOT display properly on mobile.)

about me

my name is matty (matías), hi! u might know me as a bunch of other different names but in most online circles i go by matty. (i'm on the fediverse now! i like cars (have worked on my own a bunch).

about this website

some of this website inspired by neptune! this is my first webdev project, and what you see now is the ~3rd major version. it's got better semantic elements now + should be a little more accessible. this website is being powered by an SSG that i wrote in bash/node.js. if ur curious about how that works u can just like send me an email idk :p. it mainly just builds the template and then does some small page-specific changes.